Rodents Worldwide, rodents are the largest group of mammals with about 2700 known species. Only 14 are present in Britain. Not all rodents are classified as pests.

The common pest rodents in Britain are mice, rats, grey squirrels. They are found both in  and outdoors. Most of rodents are not happy at living with man. However,  a few are well adapted at doing so and in fact thrive in and around man made environment. These rodents are called "Commensal rodents", effectively they "live off mans table". 

Apart from the huge damages to our goods and properties, rodents are the source of various diseases transmitting such as Plague, Typhus, Leptospirosis and many other. 



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The mouse (also known as house moue) is very common in a wide range of urban and rural buildings all over Britai

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Norway Rat (also known as common rat, street rat, sewer rat, brown Norway rat, Norwegian rat) is found worldwide

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Gray Squirrel

gray squirrel