Flea All adult fleas are external parasites of warm-blooded animals and birds. There are 60 species of fleas in Britain out of a total 1400.

The Cat Flea is cosmopolitan and is found widely throughout the Britain. It is by far the commonest of the flea species that comes in contact with man, and despite its name it is also commonly found on dogs. Fleas can be seen with naked eyes jumping around the confined places. 

Biology: Fleas lay upto 1000 eggs per female after a blood meal, white egg 1mm in size, in small batches amongst the fur of the host. The eggs hatch in a few days. An adult flea is about 2mm long, brown, wingless, laterally flattened and with large hind legs for jumping. 

Nuisance: Cat Fleas have not yet been reported as the carrier of human diseases, though their bites cause severe irritation on skin. 

Control: We provide very successful fleas eradiation treatment. The first step is the advice to treat the host (a pet in your house e.g. cat or dog etc) using vaterinay product only. Vacuuming and disposal or cleaning of bedding. The second step is entirely our responsibility to ensure that a careful insecticide treatment of floors and carpets is carried out. We use residual product in combination with insect growth regullators. 

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